Changing Lives with Literacy


LIT 2 RIGHT, INC. is a non-profit organization focused on teaching individuals (age 10-20) how to read and write if they can't do so on a fourth grade level. All services are FREE. The only obligation to the student is that he/she commit to the time and effort required to fulfill their personalized learning plan.



                                                                        Are you ready to begin?

There are several adult literacy programs however none that I know of that serve individuals younger than age 21

Why age 10-20?

Literacy Program for Adolescents (age 10 - 20)

Why not Public School?


Is it expensive?

There is no cost to the student. All instructional materials will be purchased by the founder of the organziation. In addition, financial contributions and donations of instructional materials will be solicited

We make your education dreams a reality

There are many cases where students can't read or write but experience a cycle of being retained for several years then eventually getting promoted to the next grade level; still not knowing how read or write.