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The vision of LIT 2 RIGHT, INC. was born in 2013. The Mission is simple; teaching adolescents (age 10 to 20) how to read and write if they can't do so efficiently. 


Volunteer Teacher Opportunities

Are you the kind of person that wants to contribute to bettering society through education? If so, consider teaching an adolescent how to read and write.


Volunteer Marketing Manager

The services provided by LIT 2 RIGHT, INC. can make a big difference to more than a handful of people. The founder will purchase and solicit donations for all instructional materials but the help of a Marketing Manager is needed in efforts to spread the word. Is that person you?

​New Student Recruitment

  • August, 2018 - October, 2018


Informational Seminar with Guest Speakers

  • January, 2018

Etiquette Seminar

  • April, 2018